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Incident Management and logistics solutions aimed at security institutions  andemergencies public and private with intelligence and technology.

Nossos Serviços


infrastructure projects
  • Structured cabling, industrial and building automation;

  • Software solution (CCTV, Occurrences, alarms, monitoring, tracking, issuing fines, fires, analytics, OCR, document management);

  • Perimeter alarms, fire and combat alarms, Energy efficiency, CCO implementation,implementation of Digital Cities and  system of multi-service networks,installment from services to engineering projects

Solutions with sustainability
  • Urban mobility with integration to the Platform and its assets;

  • Integration with systems for issuing fines, electronic checkbook adhering to Brazilian standards;

  • Rotating parking, in compliance with the Brazilian norms that regulate the sector;

  • Integration with radars, compliance as a support for the management of companies and institutions.

Software factory and consultancy for process improvement

Solutions and services to make cities andinstitutions  more smart:

  • Fordism, flexibility, metaphor and knowledge management.

  • Development of applications and software to meet the needs of your business.

  • Each software developed is a unique product, which once ready serves as  matrix for numerous copies. They are manufactured through processes that are extremely simpler than the original software.

  • The required qualification of the workforce of a software factory is accompanied by non-conformity with repetitive tasks.

  • System (software) corresponds to a set of programs. The  Systems Analysts logically and physically design the software and specify each program (business rules to be implemented, screen models, reports, input and output data), to meet the client's project.


  • Programmers model the logical flow of each program, create algorithms and implement the solution, coding the program in the programming language predetermined by the architecture of the software and applications.


  • We rely on  the use of fundamental structured techniques to enable the ongoing maintenance of developed systems, both

       corrective as evolutionary, given               that systems need to reflect          the field changes das                  needs of users and                   customers.


  • Producing applications and software to meet the needs of your project with cutting-edge technology.

Management ofoccurrences 

The platform offers all records of facts, vehicle monitoring, statistical maps, management reports, analysis of logistics actions and occurrences for major security companies.

Current technologies 
  • IT ready to market;

  • Adherent technologies and roles involving cybersecurity;

  • Artificial intelligence;

  • Machine Learning;

  • Data science/analytics;

  • DevOps/DevSecOps/agile using project management and development processes;

  • Provision of services in the model, lease and solution with labor, according to customer demand.


Make occurrence centers, managers more prepared and agents more efficient, since they will arrive for the occurrence with more accurate information with greater reliability and greater support to the population.


What is SEGEAGLE's mission? 

Meet the demands of different organizations focused on the security sector, offering services with high technology.

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